Any time you purchase a brand new shared website hosting, it is created on a server and the process usually takes a while, in addition to the confirmation and processing of the transaction, which many companies perform personally. When you buy a dedicated server, for instance, the setup takes longer as the unit has to be assembled, installed and tested so as to guarantee that it'll function properly. By reason of this, a large number of providers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts used on your new account. The fee, which can sometimes be high, is often not listed on the main page, and you'll find it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you will not be aware of it before you have already gone through the entire signup process and you may even overlook it unless you pay attention.

Setup Fee in Shared Website Hosting

When you obtain a shared website hosting package through us, you won't ever be required to pay any installation charges. In fact, we don't have other hidden charges of any sort too. We value each and every client and it is our concept that when you buy any package from us, you shouldn't have to pay something more than the charge for the hosting package. You will not see any hidden charges after or before your purchase, which will show you that we're a dependable and loyal supplier. The price of your new shared web hosting package will be the same everywhere on our site - the main page, the order and payment pages. Since we also have instant account activation, you won't have to wait for hours or even days to be able to start setting up your web site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages are activated straight away and with no additional installation fees. The cost that you'll pay when signing up is exactly the same that you will pay to renew your account the subsequent months and the cost that you will find both on our main page and on your bank statement. If you already have a regular shared hosting plan from our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server to get extra power, we will switch all of your information and we will still not charge you a dime in addition to the ordinary monthly fee for your brand new plan. Because the process is nearly entirely automated, we think that there is absolutely no reason to charge you a further amount of money, therefore the cost that you'll see on the website is the total that you will have to pay.

Setup Fee in VPS

Our virtual private server plans don't have setup charges or any concealed fees of any sort. In case you buy such a package, we will assemble the server, mount its OS, web server software, MySQL, etcetera, and we'll supply you with a fully functional system at no additional cost. All you will have to pay will be the regular monthly cost for the plan you've picked and that price is the same for the following months as well. It is our belief that charging you extra money for a process that is almost completely automated is quite unreasonable, so the amount you will find on our home page is the same as the one that will show up on your bank statement. That is valid regardless if we transfer one or several web sites from your shared hosting account to your brand new virtual server.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Hosting

If you acquire a dedicated server from us, we will configure your machine absolutely free. The fee that you'll find and pay is exactly the same on our web site, on the payment page as well as on your bank statement, and the total amount you'll pay during the registration is the same as the one you will pay to renew your plan later on. We'll give you a ready-to-use system, which is assembled and tried, and which includes all of the needed software in advance - OS, web server, MySQL, FTP, as well as web hosting Control Panel if you have chosen one through the signup, but all the aforementioned tasks are performed for free. We can even transfer your information without extra cost if you acquire the dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel and you have a regular shared hosting plan through our company.