Quicken your web site’s online performance with a USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Package.

At C-Panel Hosting, you will have the option to take advantage of our USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages. They are a unique combination of shared website hosting accounts and dedicated servers hosting package. They give the capabilities of a dedicated server but do not include any maintenance duties and large month–to–month charges. Furthermore, your semi–dedicated server will be located in the state–of–the–art USA data center at the very center of Chicago, Illinois.

With the Linux semi-dedicated hosting hosted in our USA data center, you will be able to easily take advantage of remarkable connectivity and power parameters that the data center offers. We have also developed our tailor–made internal network choosing only enterprise–grade hardware components from Juniper. In this manner, we are able to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime with each and every USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Package.

All of our USA Located Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages feature our cost–free C-Panel Hosting Control Panel that has been built to be running completely inside the cloud. Therefore, you’re able to work with our Control Panel, but your semi–dedicated server doesn’t need to in fact commit any resources to maintain it. The full power is available to your website solely. Another important thing about the C-Panel Hosting Control Panel is the fact that it’s filled with absolutely free site creation tools that can considerably raise the overall effectiveness of your web presence. As an example, you can benefit from our selection of site accelerators that support client–side caching and which can help you accelerate your website. You can also take advantage of our real time stats tool, that will start gathering data immediately the instant your web site gets online. In addition, zero setup work is necessary on your part.

Other US Hosting Services

Inside our USA data center we also offer several web hosting options other than the semi–dedicated servers. If you need to run a personal site and wish a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, then you could certainly then you can definitely look at our USA Located Shared Website Hosting. They also offer unmetered disk space, monthly traffic and MySQL database storage space amounts. If you need to establish a working environment for your next project or need something much more powerful than a cloud hosting account for your site then our USA Located Linux VPS Packages are your best option. They include lightning fast solid state drives and feature loads of completely free tools. In case that you want a hosting service that will enable real–time video streaming and conversion, then you really can’t go wrong with our USA Located Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages that are the ideal option for any CPU intensive websites or app. They come with a collection of Control Panel interfaces and are protected by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7 technical support service.